Switch Technology

SWITCH TECHNOLOGY, aware of the bottleneck of business aviation industry, On the basis of the well-established charter service, has launched the world's first on-line business jet sharing product, “business jet sharing” APP.It completely changed the traditional business model of global business jet charter industry,“Business jet sharing” APP has accumulated more than 150,000 active users.Up to today, the amount of sharing flights has taken up more than 75 percent of the total business volume in whole country.We monopolized 6,000 empty flights, taking up 90 percent of the Asia's total empty flight counterparts.
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Express Solution Service

It is a diversified and comprehensive Business Jet service supplier of ground handling, flight operation and fuel support, cabin supply, third party charge disbursement, charter and maintenance consulting service etc. for private, charter, medical and diplomatic flights all over the world.According to the Global Wings' business development, ESS has incorporated the diversified preparation management and operation of FBO into its business segment, and made use of its resource advantages to arrange business aviation operation and investment, FBO construction and FBO upgrading and transformation projects, so as to jointly promote the development of the global business aviation market.
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Top Jet

The company's business involves aviation media channel development, upgrading service of FBO, digital content marketing, super race development and communication, customer relationship management, public relationships, media agency, high-end brand activities, etc. It has precise channels in the field of business aviation and serves high net worth individuals.
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GLOBAL WINGS expanded to Hong Kong and southeast Asia Run by GLOBAL WINGS, the company is one of the business aviation enterprises in greater China that owns the international standard audit and certification of business aircraft operation (IS-BAO) and EASA approved aviation business license (AOC), which can provide complete aircraft operation services such as aircraft management, charter and maintenance.
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Global Wings Voyage

Global Wings is the only business aviation company invested by AVIC,Global Wings Voyage, the high-level tailored traveling brand under Global Wings, aims to provide tourists around the world with the luxury lifestyle of customized travel.
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Base distribution of GLOBAL WINGS: Beijing / Shanghai / GuangZhou / Hongkong / Macao / Chengdu / Shenzhen / Chongqing / Kunming / Shenyang / Xiamen / Hangzhou / Fuzhou / Nanchang / SanYa / XiAn / Yining
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